Arquitectura del humo
Ximena Garrido - Lecca

14.1 x 21 cm
85 pages
500 numbered copies
30 limited editions

The installation Smoke Architecture (80m2 - Livia Benavides) enacts a radical transformation of the gallery, which during the exhibition is transformed into a kind of pre-industrial factory producing artisanal bricks. Completely operational, it creates around 500 bricks per week.

The organisation of labour, the regulation of people’s movement and the systematisation of production to which the installation alludes presuppose a series of physical and social mechanisms of population control. But all these references are inscribed within the context of an artistic project that is subject to a different set of dynamics.

By converting the gallery into a factory, a workshop and a building site, Garrido-Lecca draws on diverse productive models, work regimes, modalities of power, development plans and ideas of progress. The distinct strata which are superposed can be read as a cross-section of processes of political, social and economic transformation, which are often confused and contradictory (it is telling that when the workers are absent during gallery opening hours, the factory and construction work appear to be at a standstill).

Max Hernández Calvo