Adolfo Bimer

18 x 26 cm.
80 pages
250 numbered copies
Spanish / English
april, 2018
“This is a photobook. There are thirty-four pairs of images that correspond to an equal number of blood samples. Each photograph is accompanied by an image obtained by scanning a print-out of an original microphotograph and treating the scan digitally. The blood samples were taken from different individuals -psychiatric patients, male or female, of the same hospital ward-, on a single day, June 9, 2017. Thus, the group is an arbitrary sample of hospital routine work, and Bimer has obtained permission to work with this material for his own purposes.

For the artist, his book should evidence “[...] the passing of time in one lapse represented by tests that are carried out to the point of weariness, through the organization of clinical samples as proof of the exhaustive continuity of medical control mechanisms. This, should also be evident when inspecting the book, by passing page after page to find one sample so similar to the next that the only difference between them is the number code”.

Jorge Villacorta