Geografía de la diferencia
Philippe Gruenberg

18 x 19 cm.
21 páginas
250 numbered copies
spanish | english
july, 2015

30 limited editions
29 x 36.5 cm.

Geografía de la diferencia
(detail 1 and 2)

Digital print | 28 x 34.5 cm


“The long series of records on the dismantling of a complete oasis in the desert of Ica to use and transplant palm trees and other botanical species for the decoration of a private beach club in Lima does not leave, this time, much room for contemplation. The story of the plundering of a natural area to meet an artificial decorative need in a private construction (built on land seized from public space), ends up configuring and defining a scheme of territorial appropriation and privatization.”

Rodrigo Quijano