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José Luis & José Carlos Martinat

30 x 42 cm.
48 pages
250 numbered copies
may, 2015

30 limited editions
30 x 42 cm.

Caballo Loco #25
Digital print | 30 x 42 cm.
Silkscreen | 30 x 42 cm.

The first publication of Meier Ramirez in collaboration with Revolver Galería (Meier’s Revolver) was originally presented as a series of collectible sheets that were made available to the public attending the exhibition by the brothers José Carlos and José Luis Martinat presented simultaneously at Lucía de la Puente Gallery and Revolver Gallery between March and April 2015. The set of sheets does not pretend to catalog the works presented in the exhibition, or to function as a souvenir for visitors but was launched as an element that complemented the series of exhibited works.

The publication combines a series of images and screenshots that present a personal view of the country’s recent history consisting of photographs, brief statements, verses, phrases, and graffiti that transcend their circumstantial importance by remixing and configuring an informal chronicle of national reality. This selection of bits, in which the political and the private intertwine, finally reveals a critical stance towards the discourse of progress. In this sense, there is a metaphorical allusion to the vision of the Babylonian myth of the eternal return that explains that after an astronomical cycle is fulfilled, time restarts after the world goes up in flames. The attempts of progress will not have a lasting impact if the flaws that appear to cyclically condemn the country are not overcome.