Blue Pieces
Jerry B. Martin

24 x 32cm
68 páginas
300 ejemplares
español / inglés
enero 2019

30 ediciones limitadas
24 x 32cm

"What is your life’s blue print”
Pieza mecanografiada

The task of producing the typed pieces generates an asymmetry between what in the world of human performance is called “man-hours” (the amount of time invested in labor) and the “anti-auratic” banality of reproduction. Even more so when, as in the case of Martin’s first typed pieces, we are referring to the reproduction of canonic works that have already been reproduced and distributed ad infinitum. However, the idea of the canonical work is interesting in this context because it points out the work of art as an academic model and hence as a discursive quotation tool. Since his early pieces, Martin began tracing the blueprint that would serve him to formally and theoretically configure his own work. Once again, these are pieces in which the image is a critical text, therefore there is no metaphorical separation between work and content: reading is writing, writing is drawing and drawing is reproducing. In this superimposition of processes Martin finds a place of communion between the absorption of information and the mechanical transformation of that information into (the) work; there is a kind of immediate digestion where these circuits meet and overlap one another, giving place to a form of cognitive process where the artist compresses the different stages of educational assimilation - research, reflection, formal experimentation, realization - and transforms them simultaneously and radically into a productivity ritual.

Armando Andrade Tudela